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Why should I use Realty Choice Inc. to buy a home ?

That is a great question, answered with 5 great reasons.

Our Realtors have the expertise. For instance, understanding MLS jargon or filling out complicated forms that could have costly delays if done incorrectly.

We are search machines! Consumers can now browse the internet for listings on major search sites, but few give you the real breakdown of the area. You may also come up with searches of properties that are under agreement or already sold.

Did you know that we can see homes that aren’t being advertised just yet? You can view a great gem, days before it goes up online. That could be the difference between moving into your dream home and searching for another 3 months.

We are on YOUR side! That’s right. You need a fighter in your corner, because once negotiations begin, emotions run high. You’re waiting anxiously for an answer, while the seller is pondering 4 different offers. We will make sure that your offer is presented as the most appealing while fighting to get you the best price for the home.  We will also help draw up a purchase agreement that allows enough time for inspections, contingencies, and anything else that's crucial to your particular needs.

Realty Choice knows EVERYONE! From mortgage brokers and real estate lawyers, to painters and roofers, we know who to call. Suggesting the right professional is not just in your best interest. Its in ours as well. If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied.